Delta 1
large cell mattress top for decubitus therapy up to stage II
Zimmer Delta 1

With Delta 1 CareConcept presents a completely new technology in therapeutical mattress cover systems. The system developed in co-operation with nurse staff, is very easy to handle and most reliable. Having integrated all control devices into the mattress, disturbing pipes or cables belong to the past. Using the breath active Perlastic® cover, Delta 1 mattress covers will be affixed optimally on to the standard mattress building an unity with it.

With reasonable function technology it has proved itself in clinical every day live as well as in domestic care. The bedding of patients on Delta 1 improved the quality of care and facilitated the work for the nursing staff due to the fact that patients can me mobilized very well. As a mattress cover system which can be placed an any nursing it can be adjusted individually to every patient and represents a cost-effective alternative.

With its excellent price performance ratio Delto 1 can not only be used in therapy but also has already its justiffcation in prophylaxis of presser ulcers and pain patients.

Our mattress technology comprises today the technology of tomorrow:

  • almost noiseless
  • no disturbing pipes
  • easily operably
  • safe against faulty operation
  • individual weight setting
    ranging from 44 to 264 pound
  • no external aggregates
  • micro processor based operations
  • CPR quick relief
  • developed and manufactured in Germany